Based upon the relationships built, we ultimately partnered with three local entities to develop pilot workshops.

  • Our first pilot with the Community Development Technologies Center grew out of their interest in our research and the potential to build curriculum about worker owned cooperatives. CDTech is a catalyst for change in South LA, activating and focusing the potential of residents and businesses. They equip them with the training, strategies and programs they need to be leaders and organizers for neighborhood improvement and economic growth.
  • A meeting convened by Victor Narro, Project Director at the UCLA Labor Center, included our team and the Executive Directors of several worker centers and led to discussion that inspired the creation of our second two pilots for the Los Angeles Black Worker Center and the Pilipino Workers Center. Our work with them will culminate in the fall of 2015 with pilot workshops titled “What is a Worker Cooperative” for LABWC and “Building Our Power Through Cooperatives” for PWC and the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. cooperative.