The research for our business model is ongoing. We are currently working on visions for two initial phases that could be implemented in Los Angeles to help build support and capacity for worker-owned businesses.

Phase 1: Discovery, Education, and Building Capacity

The goal of Phase 1 is to bring the following value to the existing Los Angeles cooperative ecosystem:
  • Space to explore and develop entrepreneurship.
  • Introductory events designed to stimulate ideas of shared business models and develop interest in these models.
  • Sector-specific workshops that provide examples of worker-owned cooperatives in similar industries.
  • Recruitment opportunity for potential member/owners of emerging cooperatives.
  • Redirecting and realigning existing resources in the Los Angeles cooperative ecosystem to provide support for emerging cooperatives.
  • Continuous coaching, education and guidance for developing business ideas.

Phase 2: Mutual Commitment Towards Co-op Development

During Phase 2, a 10-week cooperative incubator academy will be established to provide for conversions, start-ups, and emerging cooperatives. The roll-out of this phase will be dependent on the demand that we establish during Phase 1.

  • Space to explore and develop entrepreneurship ideas (Shared Learning Space).
  • Support from co-op lab staff and business professionals.
  • Access to educational workshops.
  • Access to business development tools and resources.
  • Bridges to financing options.
  • Access to a supportive Peer Network
    – Finance, Legal, Technical, Marketing, etc.